The Flu Tax

What to make of a headline that includes the following words: tax, $100 million, Congress, bipartisan, and flu? Are our Congressional invertebrates happily plotting to tax the flu? Why not sinus infections, shingles, or schistosomiasis? Perhaps the Onion or HuffPo originally posted this headline? Here's the entire misery, "Congress Prepares $100 Million Bipartisan Flu Tax." Good grief, what psychotropic pharmaceuticals are being added to Washington D.C.'s drinking water? From the Weekly Standard we read: In February, identical bills were introduced in the House and Senate to add seasonal flu vaccines to the IRS code as taxable. The legislation would exact a 75¢ per dose tax on any "vaccine against seasonal influenza." Given that the Centers for Disease Control projects that 135 million doses of flu vaccine will be used this year, the government's take on flu vaccines alone is over $100,000,000 per year. So, our Congressional invertebrates that created Obamacare, the most massive...(Read Full Post)