The Dhimmitude of American Jewry

October 20, 2002, Bat Ye'or (Gisele Littman), the great historian of  dhimmitude -- the humiliating, liberty-crushing, non-citizen pariah status "afforded" non-Muslims who survived the violent jihad conquests of their indigenous homelands by Muslim invaders -- spoke to a group of (predominantly, as it turned out) Muslim, and Jewish students at Georgetown University about the living historical legacy of jihad war, and its corollary, uniquely Islamic institution, dhimmitude. Bat Ye'or was accompanied that day by her late husband, David Littman (d. May, 2012),  another gifted and courageous historian, who addressed the modern human rights depredations Islamic law (Sharia) wrought based upon his vast experience as an advocate making regular presentations at the United Nations Human Rights Council. Then National Review writer and columnist Rod Dreher, who attended the 10/20/02 seminar, wrote a series of blogs (here, here, here)  and an essay describing what occurred. A...(Read Full Post)