Shut That Window of Opportunity, Please

Almost lost in the terrible events in Boston is the Obama administration's dire warning this week that the window for diplomatic success in the Middle East is closing -- not on Iran's quest for nuclear capability; not on the Syrian war; not on sectarian violence in Iraq; not on the spread of al-Qaeda in North Africa; not on the devolution of the Pakistani government or rising discontent in Jordan or the rapid downward spiral of Egyptian finances and civil liberties.  No, the diplomatic problem that engages the administration -- as it has prior administrations -- is the Israeli-Palestinian "two state solution." President Obama dragged out the old "window of opportunity" saw in a meeting with U.N. President Ban Ki Moon.  And Secretary of State John Kerry told Congress that the U.S. has about two years to achieve a "two-state solution" between Israelis and Palestinians before the opportunity is lost. I believe the window for a two-state solution is shutting.  I think...(Read Full Post)