Our Brave, New, Transgenderless World

While shamelessly viewing real estate porn on the internet late one night, I came across a fifty million dollar ($50,00,000) condo in New York City.  A quick look at the floor plan revealed a law suit waiting to happen:  The master bedroom boasted "his" and "hers" baths.What an outrageous affront to the LGBT community!  Realtors and developers who would never think to discriminate against racial minorities are brazenly advertising that monogendered couples are not welcome in one of New York's primo luxury buildings. Here's a link to the floor plan showing the offending bathrooms. While the notation in small lettering at the bottom claims this is an EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY offering, it clearly is not.  Why is the Equal Housing Opportunity Commission turning its head, pretending this is not an issue?  Don't they care about the welfare of New York's gay and lesbian newlyweds?  Has the EHO Commission chosen to completely disregard the...(Read Full Post)