Oh-oh! The dreaded i-word starts attaching itself to Obama

We have already seen Peak Obama; from here on, it's going to get rougher and rougher for Barack Obama. Even worse, the one word he must fear the most has just been uttered by a man regarded as a bit of a truth-teller among liberal elites. Joe Klein, the celebrated author "Anonymous," who wrote the best selling, truth-telling book Primary Colors about the 1992 primary campaign that brought us President Bill Clinton, has made it ok for liberals to apply the word "incompetence" to the Obama administration. This represents something of a breakthrough. Until now, it has been taboo to suggest that the first black president could be anything other than fully qualified and capable of his job. Obama has met his image Waterloo with Obamacare. The problem Klein sees is that: ...we are now seeing weekly examples of this Administration's inability to govern. Just a few weeks ago, I reported on the failure of the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs to come up with a unified electronic...(Read Full Post)