Obama doubles down on failed budget strategy

In his weekly address, President Obama promised Americans "pain" unless his budget is accepted, junking the small cuts in the rate of increase in federal spending that Sequester brought, and "replacing" it with a "balanced" approach (more taxes).  Apparently the president doesn't get it. The public has wised up in sufficient numbers that they blame him, not the mean old GOP, when the pain he gins up in response is felt. The old generic Democrat strategy of closing fire stations or White House tours or threatening Big Bird whenever spending doesn't rise fast enough to suit them has stopped working for him.   The Democrats in Congress know it. They folded on Sequester this week, when they hurried to move funds around allowing other spending to be cut at the FAA, instead of inflicting maximum pain by cutting Atlanta, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles air traffic controllers. People certainly noticed that. It squandered the time of a generally affluent flying public, and cost...(Read Full Post)