NYT Stokes Israeli-Palestinian Tensions

Tensions are rising between Israel and the Palestinians in the West Bank and across the Gaza border, fueled by baseless accusations by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that Israel was responsible for the death of a jailed Palestinian prisoner afflicted by cancer. So how does the New York Times report this event? With equal, balanced coverage of hard medical evidence pitted against the Abbas-led Palestinian hue-and-cry campaign? Forget it. The Times long ago shed its "all the news that's fit to print'' motto, substituting an all-out pro-Palestinian agenda to shape its news coverage. A glaring example of this agenda journalism can be found in an article by Jerusalem correspondent Isabel Kershner in the April 4 edition ("Tensions Rise As Israel And Gaza Swap Strikes" page A8). Here is Kershner's lead paragraph: "Israeli-Palestinian tensions rose sharply on Wednesday with a resumption of clashes at the Gaza border as Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails declared a three-day hunger...(Read Full Post)