'Nothing tough about this boxer's character'

A great smack-down of the Tsarnaev brothers appeared-of all places-in Saturday's Boston Globe. It was in the Metro section, which might explain it. Kevin Cullen is in no mood for any lily-livered liberal sympathy from the why-do-they-hate-us crowd: Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a pretty good boxer, and he fashioned himself a tough guy. He was so tough he was charged with assaulting his girlfriend. [...] Get out the violins, because you're about to read and hear all these stories about how poor Tamerlan Tsarnaev's troubles had to do with the repression of the Chechens, and the hard nomadic life ethnic Chechens were forced to endure in the shambolic collapse of the Soviet Union. Spare me. Consider, instead, Lingzi Lu, the beautiful, loving Chinese woman killed in an explosion. She, too, emerged from the ruins of communism. She came from China's rust belt, and when she got to America, she ran with it. She loved the different foods, the different cultures, the different people. Lingzi Lu came...(Read Full Post)