MSM facing a new game with Gosnell blackout

Conservatives have studied Alinsky long and hard enough that they are starting to employ his rules against the legacy media establishment.  In the face of the MSM blackout on the Gosnell trial, conservatives are fighting back with "a challenge to journalists never seen before," as Lucianne Goldberg put it today. Pajamas Media has established an anonymous tip hotline for media people to blow the whistle on spiking of coverage of the Gosnell horrors at their newspaper, TV station, website, or network. Alinsky's Tule #4 instructs us: "Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules." Here is the appeal JPM is making to the consciences of journos: In an immoral, unprofessional, bizarre - surely, several other negative descriptors are apt - display of unity, virtually the entire U.S. media industry save for those generally referred to as "conservative outlets" have instituted a blackout of the trial. Infanticide - the crime that gave even Timothy McVeigh pause - is a...(Read Full Post)