Immigration reform loopholes place millions on early path to citizenship

Supporters of the immigration reform bill want us to believe that it will take a decade or more for newly legalized immigrants to become citizens. But Byron York has found a loophole that may mean millions will be able to apply for citizenship in less than half the time. Washington Examiner: Members of the Senate's bipartisan Gang of Eight have stressed that under their new immigration plan, currently illegal immigrants will have to wait more than a decade before achieving citizenship.  Newly-legalized immigrants will be given a provisional status and "will have to stay in that status until at least ten years elapse and [border security] triggers are met," Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio told Fox News on April 14.  "Then the only thing they get is a chance to apply for a green card via the legal immigration system."  The green card process would take additional years, meaning the road to full citizenship could take as long as 15, or even 18, years. Unless...(Read Full Post)