IDB's Monica Showalter guests on Moran's show

As authorities seek to unravel the mystery of the bombing yesterday at the Boston Marathon, the rest of the country is left to pick up the pieces. Already, political division has reared its ugly head with some on the left strongly hinting the blast was set by right wing extremists. The right is accusing the president's policies of "appeasing" terrorists. It's ugly, toxic. and brutal. But it is the reality of American politics in the early 21st century. Join the RINO Hour of Power tonight for a look at many of the issues surrounding the blast. Your host Rick Moran, and special co-host Jazz Shaw will talk with IBD editorial writer Monica Showalter about the latest on the investigation and delve into some of the issues thrown up by the attack. We stream live from 8:00 -9 :00 PM Eastern time. A podcast will be available shortly after the end of the show. You can join us live by clicking the icon below or by clicking here. (Read Full Post)