Gun confiscation begins in New York

And they didn't even need black helicopters and Men in Black to pull it off. Derided as conspiracy nuts, opponents of the New York state gun law passed by the assembly in the aftermath of Newtown were ridiculed for being concerned that the law could lead to gun confiscation. Guess what: They were right. The story dropped over the weekend and then was blown away by the Boston attack. But it deserves all the publicity we can give it, as I told Jazz Shaw, author of this piece at Hot Air, on my radio show last night: We've heard it over and over again, particularly on shows like Morning Joe. Anyone who thinks that the government is "coming to take your guns" is a paranoid loon, watching for black helicopters and guarding their sheep from soldiers. Unfortunately for those formerly right leaning, Second Amendment minded folks who bought into this story, reality has come screaming up from behind well ahead of schedule. Following the passage of "The SAFE Act" in New York State, Big...(Read Full Post)