Gosnell not the only late term abortionist who murders live children

A stunning video from the pro-life group Live Action that shows another late term abortion clinic violating the law in much the same way that Kermit Gosnell is being tried for. Matt Vespa writing at PJ Tatler: In the video, it states that forty-one percent of all New York pregnancies end in abortion, and a baby born in the Bronx is just as likely to be aborted as born. A Live Action investigator asks about obtaining a late-term abortion at the Dr. Emily's Women Health Center in the Bronx. The woman giving advice at this clinic started working there at 16, and said - while laughing - to "just do it" when the investigator pressed her on the grisly details. To make a long story short, they're talking about using a vacuum to suck out a six-month old baby, which falls apart during the procedure. Gosnell also had teenagers work in his clinic, who administered anesthesia to patients and other drugs. Concerning fetal remains in jars, flushing fetal remains down toilets,...(Read Full Post)