GOP filibuster of gun bill losing steam but passage far from certain

There are still a dozen Republican Senators willing to filibuster Harry Reid's motion to bring the gun bill to the floor of the Senate. But is that enough to block it? Even the GOP dozen are now "recalibrating their message," says National Journal: The effort to filibuster consideration of the legislation has been led by the conservative flank of the Senate Republican conference, spearheaded by Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky and Ted Cruz of Texas. The group appeared to be recalibrating its message on Tuesday. Lee said the effort wasn't about blocking the bill, but simply slowing down the process. "By objecting to the motion to proceed, we guarantee that the Senate and the American people have at least three additional days to assess and evaluate exactly how this particular bill will affect the rights of law-abiding citizens and whether it will have any significant impact on crime," Lee said in a statement. "The president again is trying to rush ...(Read Full Post)