FBI arrests legislator in plot to rig NY City mayoral race

FBI agents arrested the Democratic President of the New York State Assembly and a New York City Republican councilman on political corruption charges relating to the NY city mayoral race. New York Times: State Senator Malcolm A. Smith, a contractor and real estate developer who rose to become the first black president of the State Senate, and City Councilman Daniel J. Halloran III were arrested early Tuesday on charges of trying to fix this year's mayoral race in New York City, according to federal prosecutors. Mr. Smith, a 56-year-old Democrat, and Mr. Halloran, a Queens Republican, were among a half-dozen people arrested by F.B.I. agents in the federal corruption case. Others included Republican County leaders in Queens and the Bronx, the mayor of the Rockland County village of Spring Valley, Noramie F. Jasmin, and her deputy, Joseph A. Desmaret, according to a criminal complaint. [...] Most of those involved, according to the complaint, were looking for something -...(Read Full Post)