Does the US execute more criminals than North Korea and Afghanistan?

Amnesty International (AI) published a survey at the beginning of April about the number of executions which occurred worldwide in 2012. It flatly stated that the "United States executes more people than North Korea and Afghanistan."This is an extremely deceptive statement. Whether it's deliberately deceptive I can't definitely say. For a start, the survey is exclusively about government or state executions. That changes everything. For example, take Pakistan and Afghanistan, who both "score" less than the United States in the survey. Afghanistan hardly has a central state; vast swathes of the country are more or less ruled by warlords or by tribal chiefs. The case is similar in Pakistan; but less so. There are vast parts of Pakistan where the state has virtually no input. In Pakistan, apart from the state being in charge of defence and war; there is very little else it does (especially in rural areas and in the in very large "villages" of Pakistan). In fact, even in the major...(Read Full Post)