Did Francis do what Jesus Did?

On Thursday, March 28, 2013, Pope Francis performed the Mass of the Last Supper at Rome's juvenile prison "Casal del Marmo." At this service he washed the feet of twelve inmates including two girls and two Moslem boys. Other Popes have performed the ceremony on priests. Jesus's -- Yeshua's -- foot-washing ceremony was a deeply personal moment with His followers; not for people from the general population. Pope Francis chose to ignore this central element of Jesus' ceremony. Does it matter? The Pope claims to be God's sole representative on Earth with ultimate spiritual authority over millions of Roman Catholics. His word is their law. Like our president, the Pope's word and his example must be aithful to the Bible or it is false teaching. After washing the feet of His disciples, including the traitor, Jesus returned to the table and declared: "I'm not talking to all of you. I know which ones I have chosen. The words of the Tanakh must be fulfilled that say, 'The one eating my bread...(Read Full Post)