Dems quickly change the subject on the Hill from guns to immigration

After their stinging defeat on gun control, Hill Democrats are quickly changing the subject from guns to immigration reform. But are they jumping from the fire into the frying pan? The Hill: Democrats in Congress have quickly changed the subject from gun control to immigration reform and are relieved to be moving past an issue that divided them to more solid political ground. The political momentum from the resounding victories of Election Day stalled earlier in the week when Republicans punched out all three pillars of Obama's gun-control agenda. Democrats are counting on immigration reform to get their groove back. "I think Democrats are kind of licking their wounds after losing on the gun debate and will probably be pushing real hard to win on immigration," said David Di Martino, a Democratic strategist. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) grumbled that Democratic leaders are so eager to move on to immigration reform they barely gave Republicans a chance to read the...(Read Full Post)