Correspondents of the New Times could do with a refresher history course about Middle East wars.

All too often, when the fighting is between Arabs and Israel, the paper engages in semantic camouflaging to hide the fact that such wars were precipitated by Arab/Palestinian aggression - with Israel on the defensive, often fighting for its very survival. Readers instead are left with false impressions of Israeli aggression or some sort of equivalence between the parties in generating the fighting. The latest examples of such sloppy and/or tendentious reporting can be found in the April 15 edition, in an otherwise moving obituary of Cairo's Jewish community leader, Carmen Weinstein, who died at 82 ( New York Times: "Carmen Weinstein, 82, Led the Jews of Cairo" by David Kirkpatrick, page B9). EXHIBIT A - Writing about Weinstein's dogged perseverance in trying to save Jewish artifacts, Kirkpatrick quotes her as keeping her head down and having avoided discussion of politics "during Israel's 2009 war against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip." That, of course, stands history on its...(Read Full Post)