Congress seeks to head off UN internet power grab

This has been flying under the radar for a few years and is about ready to come to a head this October. A little known UN agency - the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) - has been slowly but steadily moving to seize the internet by allowing individual nations to censor internet content. The group is in the process of rewriting its constitution, vastly expanding its powers to oversee the internet. Last December in Dubai, the group agreed that individual nations had the power to potentially censor the internet. The last minute wording outraged the west and caused the American representative to walk out. Congress, seeking to send a message to the ITU, will pass a resolution restating the American belief in a "multi-stakeholder" arrangement for the internet. Yahoo News: Some contentious language was struck from the bill that might have affected the current policy of net neutrality, which allows the federal government to make sure Internet providers provide equal access to...(Read Full Post)