Confessions of a 'Closet Christian'

I work in midtown Manhattan with a terrific bunch of people. All of them are liberal, three of the guys are openly, proudly gay. We all get along great and I'm considered one of the nicest, most reliable guys any of them has ever met. All that might change, however, if I were to "come out of the closet." You see, I'm a conservative, born-again believer. So far, I've been able to dodge some bullets. Example: Lately, whenever we're not discussing work issues, remarks have been thrown out about how wonderful it will be when the Supreme Court legitimizes gay marriage. (One co-worker, in fact, has a side job as webmaster for a gay wedding-planning site.) I have kept quiet about my views on "everything liberal," and since no one has yet to directly ask me my thoughts on the issues of the day, I have been able to either stay mum, adroitly change the subject, or find something to do in another part of the office. Trying to eke out a living as a Bible-believing Christian is not so easy in a...(Read Full Post)