CMS Marilyn Tavenner's Skeletons Ignored by Senate Finance Committee

The only thing missing at CMS acting administrator Marilyn Tavenner's confirmation hearing Tuesday was the caviar and champagne.  Members of the Senate Finance committee heaped praise on the lady who, if confirmed, will be responsible for implementing Obamacare. Tavenner's positive feedback demonstrated that a record of dirty dealing with health care corporations like scandal-ridden Psychiatric Solutions, Inc. and her old employer HCA need not be a career impediment. Even the nominee herself seemed surprised at the warm reception. A relieved and happy Tavenner was later quoted saying "they were great to me today." So that's it folks. No serious vetting; just a formality because the fix was already in. The only tough question came from Senator Grassley but it was obvious Tavenner was prepared. She said she considered last week's Medicare Advantage rate hike leaks "a huge issue" and vowed to "do a thorough investigation of it and give you feedback." ...(Read Full Post)