Blowing up America

Sometimes a reaction can be worse than an action, even when that action is very, very diabolical. Some would argue that this was the case with 9/11, with the resultant long-term loss of freedom, misguided military ventures, and no serious effort whatsoever to seal a porous back door to America. The Boston Marathon bombing also may prove to be a case in which reaction surpasses action in damage. After all, what good is a doctor's treatment if his diagnosis and prescription are wrong, if he claims that what's healthy is Hell-sent and portrays poison as palliative? And what good are our diagnoses and prescriptions relating to terrorism if we demonize the realists and sanitize the terrorists? When our physicians will not, or cannot, heal themselves, is the greater danger posed by those who proudly spread the disease in the name of one evil cause or those who offer a faux cure in the name of another? In the wake of the Boston terror there has been much speculation by leftists in the media...(Read Full Post)