Be Careful What You Pray For

Back in September of 2010, Stella Paul wrote about a visit by students from Wellesley to the Islamic Society of Boston mosque which lead to "Jewish boys bowing to Allah." Stella said in part, concerning uber liberal Jewish rabbis, that: We've seen where your drama-queen histrionics are taking us -- right here in this astounding video, filmed by a Massachusetts mom with more righteousness in her pinkie cuticle than the whole dreary gaggle of you put together... And what did she find at the Saudi-funded mega-mosque so beloved by Governor Deval Patrick that he publicly accepted a $50,000 check from its terrorist-loving imam -- and so adored by Mayor Thomas Menino that he donated $2 million's worth of the public land on which it's built? [...] She found the girls and all the adult women being separated from the boys, and the boys being led to the prayer area.  She found not one teacher offering even the teensiest whisper of objection. And then she saw five boys joining in the...(Read Full Post)