Bay of Pigs: The morning that a plane woke me up

On the morning of April 17th 1961, I woke up when a plane flew over our home.  I looked out the window and saw the aircraft flying very low.  I learned later that the plane dropped leaflets and was part of the invasion. The Bay of Pigs invasion impacted my life in several ways: 1) It confirmed what my parents had been saying about an imminent attack from Cuban exiles determined to liberate the island from communism.  My parents knew that Castro had betrayed the democratic aspirations of Cubans who wanted change not a communist dictatorship; 2) The invasion failed and my dad's cousin Ignacio was arrested.  He spent the next 14 years in a political prison without a trial.  He was eventually released when French President Mitterand persuaded Castro to release some political prisoners to improve the regime's image in Europe; 3) The repression in Cuba went into high gear.  All of us were targeted by the Castro...(Read Full Post)