Barack Obama Spins the Facts Again!

It's clear that for liberals, 10,000 illegal aliens sneaking over the border daily, which works out to be about 3.7 million a year, isn't a huge deal.  When questioned about the unrelenting influx, President Obama responded by saying, "Given the size of the border, it's never going to be 110 percent. What we can do is ... continue to improve it."   Lest we forget, thus far, despite the secure border spin, efforts "to improve it" have been largely ineffective.  Moreover, to avoid admitting that the border issue isn't even a priority, Obama cleverly employed the fine art of exaggeration: saying "it's never going to be 110 percent" allowed the president to gloss over the fact that he couldn't care less if it were only 25 percent. The truth is that President Obama's relaxed stance on our porous border is quite different from other policy initiatives where he seems driven to perfection.  For instance, the president is just fine granting amnesty without ensuring...(Read Full Post)