Are we now going to learn why GITMO matters?

For the last four years, President Obama & the left discounted the importance of GITMO.  He couldn't close it but he didn't use it.  We "droned" terrorists or did not capture them.  We pretended that the war was over after  Osama was killed.  We spent hours talking about "rights" rather than focusing on worldwide threats against  the US.  The left demonized Bush & Cheney because they had the audacity of holding enemies as prisoners indefinitely. Reality hit the Obama administration again at the Boston Marathon.  In fact, President Obama may wish that all of those "low information voters" had stayed home rather than voted for him. I fear that we may be hit by a new wave of terrorists. The question now is simple:  Are there more terrorists?  Where are they?  How did these two young men operate in the US?  How did they come into the US?  How did they live legally in the ...(Read Full Post)