Another GOP failure to play hardball

I attended the 2013 Milken Institute Global Conference discussion between Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) and Congressman Eric Cantor (R-VI). What stands out is that, for the most part, Congressman Cantor allowed Senator Reid to get away with hyperbole and misinformation.  He was the gentleman to Harry Reid being his usual self. Someone definitely needs to send the House Majority Leader Ben Shapiro's book, Bullies. Here are a few tidbits of what was said and what the Congressman should have said. When asked about obesity in this country Reid responded by putting the blame on sequestration, how money was being taken away from programs that provided breakfast for children, and that "we have an obesity problem because we have a hungry problem."  Congressman Cantor should have brought up the fact that food stamps have climbed to an all-time peak last year, so why wasn't there a provision that only "healthy food" would be allowed?  However, the Congressman did make a good...(Read Full Post)