American Arrested for Anti-homosexual Statements

What do the Islamic world and Europe have in common? There are actually many similarities, but one is this: in neither place are Christians always allowed to express their beliefs without fear of persecution. As for Eurasia, its Ministry of Truth's latest handiwork is the arrest and punishment of an American street preacher who dared speak of sin in that land once known as Scotland. The victim is 47-year-old New Yorker Shawn Holes, who was on a UK tour when he was arrested in Glasgow after running afoul of UK hate-speech laws. Writes Pink News: He said that while preaching, a number of gay couples stopped to listen and asked him about his views, which he said seemed like a "set-up". ...When asked about his views on homosexuality, Holes said: "Homosexuals are deserving of the wrath of God - and so are all other sinners - and they are going to a place called hell." For this Oldspeak transgression, Holes' arrest was followed by the imposition of a £1,000 fine, which is a harsher...(Read Full Post)