Ambassador Susan Rice reveals the UN's distorted priorities

Nuclear weapons in Iran and North Korea.  Slaughter in Syria.  Starvation and more killings in much of Africa.  Alleged use of chemical weapons against civilians in Syria.  International terrorism.  Forcibly selling women and children for sex worldwide.  Destruction of UNESCO heritage sites both deliberate and through war.  And on and on the list of horrors could go.  So which of these vital concerns is the focus of the United Nations?  None of them.  Most of the UN's General Assembly, Security Council and Human Rights meetings are devoted to condemning Israel, US ambassador to the UN Susan rice revealed recently.  Susan Rice said a major part of her work as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations is defending Israel's legitimacy. "It's a huge part of my work to the United Nations," Rice said Sunday evening, launching this year's Consultation on Conscience, an event in Washington for Reform movement social...(Read Full Post)