Al-Qaeda Theorist on Targeting Americans for 'Mass Slaughter'

Abu Musab al-Suri, a modern jihad "theorist" for Al Qaeda, who is believed to have been involved with both the Madrid (2004) and London bombings (2006), and perhaps even an attack on the Paris metro in 1995, was reported to have been released from Syrian captivity in February 2012. After being captured by the CIA in 2005 Al-Suri had been transported to the country of his birth, Syria, and held there for 6-years. According to a February 4, 20012 report in The Telegraph of London,  by Jason Lewis, ...he [al-Suri] is now said to have been released as a warning to the US and Britain about the consequences of turning their backs on President al-Assad's regime as it tries to contain the uprising in the country. The May 2012 edition of Al-Qaeda's English language screed "Inspire," contains an essay claimed to have been penned by al-Suri entitled,  "The Jihadi Experiences--The most important enemy targets aimed at by the individual jihad." Al-Suri's alleged essay opens by...(Read Full Post)