A 'Rag Tag Bunch' Strikes Gold

Frequent AT contributor Jack Cashill has produced a great piece at WND about the Martin/Zimmerman fiasco and the work that the "Rag Tag Bunch of Conservative Misfits" at The Conservative Treehouse has done to uncover the truth about "Trayvon."    Of the "Treepers," Mr. Cashill says: ... th[os]e dogged researchers ... have literally done more good work on the Martin case than all the newsrooms in America combined. It seems that "Trayvon" should have been on trial in Miami rather than enjoying his "suspension" in Sanford the night George Zimmerman killed him in self-defense. Do read the whole thing to understand the deception with which liberalism has distorted this fiasco and the greater fiasco of crime in the Miami-Dade School System. And do go to the "Treepers" site, The Last Refuge, to look into the large body of work done there on the subject of "Trayvon" -- it is exhaustive and extremely revealing. And do take some time to look at what the "Treepers" have...(Read Full Post)