A Lovely Kid

"He was compassionate. He was caring. He was a lovely, lovely kid." That's how neighbor Larry Aaronson described DzhokharTsarnaev, the younger of the two Jihadist psychopaths who carefully packed bombs with nails and ball-bearings to inflict maximum physical damage on men, women, and children they did not know. There were more bombs back home, presumably prepared to slaughter other strangers. Lovely, lovely boys. The uncle of these terrorist brothers, RuslanTsarni, had a close relationship with the boys for many years, but it fell apart in recent years, partly because the older brother, "started carrying all this nonsense associated with religion, with Islamic religion." When the uncle asked the older brother why he had dropped out of school, Tamerlan said, "Oh, I'm in God's business." That would be the Jihad business, the killing non-believers business. His YouTube account has a "terrorists" video section and links to his Islamist mentors. It will be interesting to see who paid him...(Read Full Post)