9/11 museum will charge admission after all

The 9/11 museum will apparently charge some visitors a fee if they make advanced reservations online or by phone, despite promising the familes of loved ones lost that day that admission would be free. New York Post: The 9/11 Memorial foundation, funded to the tune of $830 million, has begun nickel-and-diming visitors for ticket reservations. Even though the nonprofit has long vowed admission to the sacred site would be free, it is now demanding $2 per ticket for all advance reservations made online or by phone. Officials quietly rolled out the fee on March 1 -- but it did not escape the notice of some outraged families of Sept. 11 victims. "I don't want the American public to have to pay a dime to pay respects to my son," said Sally Regenhard, whose firefighter son, Christian, died in the World Trade Center attacks. "They made . . . a vow that no one would ever be charged for going to the memorial, but money is the bottom line here," she fumed. "They're making money off the...(Read Full Post)