2014's unhappy couple: Democrats and Obamacare

"The Obamacare fight is not a cynical exercise.  It is a life and death issue.  Voters care deeply." Columnist Ralph Benko writing in Forbes: "The main battleground in the fight to break the prevailing political stalemate will be the fight to repeal what Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell calls the 'monstrosity' of Obamacare." We have been down this road in 2010 and 2012, but what is different now is that the harsh realities of sticker shock, coverage loss, and chaotic implementation will be lodged in voters' minds as the 2014 election approaches. And the Democrats are inextricably yoked to "the bitter fruit," in Benko's words, of Obamacare:  The chickens of Obamacare are coming home to roost.  There are some mighty ugly chickens in the flock.  Given the uglier side of Obamacare now becoming visible, the historical trends, and McConnell's strategic political savvy President Obama should be bracing himself to receive the political shellacking of a...(Read Full Post)