Women Different from Men, NYT Declares

Those gender, race, and ethnicity conscious progressives at the New York Times feature a front-page story at their website touting the increased number of women in the U.S. Senate. The Times pushes the line that a senator's sex matters in the outcome of legislation. Surely, with men and women being entirely equal (particularly in combat), a female senator would be no less different, bringing nothing more to Senate proceedings than her male colleagues. Err, well, maybe -- maybe not. Evidently, the grandees in the Times' editorial offices think women are different. There is inequality between men and women, we learn. Here's the nub of the difference, as reported by the Times: "I don't want to generalize, because this isn't true of all of them, but they tend to be interested in finding common ground," said Senator Rob Portman], Republican of Ohio [recently 'sensitized' to gay marriage by his homosexual son and now worthy of being quoted in the Times]. "So I think it's going to...(Read Full Post)