Will Obama's Organizing for America promote school reforms that people demand

As spring breaks starts, millions of parents are unhappy about the miserable state of public education whose slogan should be: Costs more, teaches less. A shocking poll from a group that Obama once belonged to shows the public is fed up and wants reform. Will Obama listen? Will he marshal his "grassroots" group Organizing for America to push for change? From the Chicago Tribune: The poll finds widespread support for reforms that tie student achievement to how teachers are evaluated, paid and, when necessary, laid off.• Merit pay. Chicago Teachers Union leaders fought hard against merit pay in negotiations over their current labor contract. Unfortunately, they won. But Chicagoans overwhelmingly support the concept, the poll shows: More than 7 of 10 respondents (72.2 percent) agree that highly effective teachers should be paid more than those whose students make insufficient progress. We strongly agree and hope that school boards throughout the state take notice.•...(Read Full Post)