What the Greatest Catholic Thinker Says about the Latest Catholic Pope

With the election of Pope Francis, there are the usual complaints about how the Catholic Church has got to get with the times. The Huffington Post ran the headline, "Pope Francis Against [sic] Gay Marriage, Gay Adoption," which is much like thinking it newsworthy to write, "New Pope Believes in the Divinity of Jesus." Mother Jones laments the "missed opportunity to bring the papacy closer to where the people are." And Forbes' John Baldoni  dishes the baloney, writing of "a Catholic Church that is resistant to change but one that must certainly adapt (and rather radically) if it is going to continue to attract well-intentioned men and women who adhere to its faith but also are willing to devote themselves to its perpetuation" (hat tip: Drew Belsky). Yet this misses the point that it is creatures who must adapt to their ecosystem, and the Church is the moral ecosystem. Our modernistic culture is simply a pretender to that throne. But calls for adaptation are nothing new; it's...(Read Full Post)