West Point and the Sequester

Being alumni of the United States Military Academy at West Point, we have the pleasure once a year of attending the Austin Founder's Day at the University of Texas Club here in Austin. Among other things, this function allows West Point alumni to bring local high school students who have expressed interest in attending West Point to enjoy a first-rate meal, mingle with alumni of all years and hear a first-rate address from a current member of the West Point administration. This year we were expecting to hear from and meet the current Athletic Director from the Point and looked forward to hearing what he had to say as well as speak to him personally. After dinner, we heard from the "youngest" local alumni as well as the "oldest" local alumni, both of whom were well spoken. But next, the master of ceremonies took the microphone and informed the attendees that because of Obama's Sequester, we would not have a speaker that evening. That West Point had been ordered to cut back on all...(Read Full Post)