WaPo Smooths the way for Obama's Israel Trip

The Washington Post runs a lengthy front-page article in its March 18 edition about President Obama's trip to lsrael, stressing his need to correct missteps in his first term when he applied one-sided pressure on Israel that spawned tense relations with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ("Obama's trip to Israel aims to fix missteps" by Scott Wilson). In his article, Wilson, a former Post Jerusalem correspondent, also highlights Obama's mistaken view in his 2009 Cairo speech to the Muslim world that the Jewish state is rooted in the Holocaust and European persecution -- overlooking biblical ties to the land over a span of four millennia. However, in expounding on this Obama miscue, Wilson commits a couple of missteps of his own. First, in previewing Obama's visit to the grave of Theodor Herzl, Wilson gets Herzl wrong when he describes him as "chief theoretician of Zionism." A theoretician is a student or authority on a given subject. That doesn't fit Herzl, the founder of modern...(Read Full Post)