Voters say sequester is needed because Congress incapable of cutting the budget

Interesting poll published by Fox News that frames the sequester debate in a way we haven't seen before: American voters think the impending across-the-board budget cuts, known as the sequester, are what it will take to get the federal deficit under control -- because there's no other way Congress will do it.  In addition, less than half think the cuts will have a negative effect on the country.   A new Fox News national poll shows 57 percent of voters think the "only way" to control the deficit is through actions like the automatic cuts because lawmakers are unable to do it on their own.  Some 29 percent have confidence that Congress has the know-how and power to make it happen.   Click here for full poll results. The $85 billion in mandatory cuts are set to take effect Friday. While 45 percent of voters think the consequences of the cuts would be negative, slightly more say they would either have a positive effect (27 percent) or not make much of a...(Read Full Post)