US to deploy additional missile interceptors in response to NoKo blustering

The North Koreans haven't had much luck with testing their long range, ICBM. Twice they've had to destroy the missile shortly after liftoff, although the last attempt successfully launched a satellite into space. But that doesn't mean they eventually won't stumble on to a solution and perfect a missile that could hit most of the West Coast. And that's why the Pentagon is spending a billion dollars to deploy additional anti-missile interceptors. New York Times: The new deployments, announced by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Friday, will increase the number of ground-based interceptors in California and Alaska to 44 from 30 by 2017. The missiles have a mixed record in testing, hitting dummy targets just 50 percent of the time, but officials said Friday's announcement was intended not merely to present a credible deterrence to the North's limited intercontinental ballistic missile arsenal. They said it is also meant to show South Korea and Japan that the United States is...(Read Full Post)