Toward a Hashemite Palestine

In an unusually candid interview with Jeffrey Goldberg, to be published in the Atlantic Monthly and reported in the New York Times ("Jordan's King Finds Fault With Everyone Concerned," March 18, 2013, by David D. Kirkpatrick), King Abdullah of Jordan offers a critique of Middle East politics ranging from the authoritarianism of regional leaders to the pro-Muslim Brotherhood illusions of U.S. State Department diplomats, even including a thoroughly unflattering assessment of the blind corruption of his own royal household and the tribal-based political "dinosaurs" he must contend with standing in the way of internal reforms.  He affirms, moreover, his belief that "the era of Arab monarchies is passing" and makes clear his commitment to fully transform the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan into a constitutional monarchy on the British model. King Abdullah's perspective and the destabilizing challenges he faces might well provide a golden opportunity for the U.S. to secure its vital...(Read Full Post)