The Monkey's Parable

I have always been astonished by the tale of how certain Asian tribes catch monkeys. Upon placing a piece of fruit into a hole carved in a tree trunk that the monkey can easily reach his hand in and grab, he soon alarmingly learns that he cannot extract his closed fist from the trap once he has taken hold of his prize. To extricate himself, all he need do is release his grip on the morsel. But since this solution is beyond the greedy beast's comprehension, he is hopelessly caught by his own nature -- effectively ensnared by that which he could not resist nor go without to his own enslavement or destruction. Before we ridicule in a haughty spirit of self-satisfaction that pathetic simian, a bit of introspection might be in order. How teeming the earth is with the bones of men and women who could not relinquish their grasp, nor unball their fists at that object which clouded their reason and set ablaze their desire? Having grown accustomed to the intoxicating charm of putting:...(Read Full Post)