The Israel Test and the America Test

President Obama will have an opportunity during his visit to see some of Israel's pioneering technology. The list (with thanks to Tom Gross) includes energy alternatives; search and rescue technology; a bionic exoskeleton that allows paraplegics to walk; and a "third eye" camera that helps prevent automobile collisions. If he stayed longer, he could see how Israel has become the world's top water recycler, how Israeli agricultural technology has revolutionized desert agriculture, and how three Israeli universities made the top 100 of the Shanghai Ranking, the worlds most authoritative university ranking system. He could eat the food, dance in the nightclubs, or as he said, put on a "disguise, wear a fake moustache and wander through Tel Aviv and go to a bar..." The question is not what he will see, but how the president will understand Israel's technological revolution, its culture, and its people. How he will respond to what George Gilder called "The Israel Test." Gilder...(Read Full Post)