The Gay Craze Hits Pro Sports

Reuters reported yesterday that not one player in major pro team sports has boldly, proudly proclaimed himself as gay.  The story's particular focus is on the NFL, which, of course, oozes masculinity (like the military) and, hence, needs to be gay-ized and feminized (in terms of eliminating nasty old contact that leads to big booboos). The left is stepping up its focus on gays in pro team sports as part of its game plan to prove to average Americans (especially those macho sports fans) that gayness isn't just the province of flower shops and HGTV.  Masculinity is under assault (as it has been) and must be redefined.  Bye, bye bold colors, beer swilling, and locker room humor; hello pastels, chardonnay, and girl and gay chat.        Gay-ized is about the only thing that the left can hawk in pro sports at the present.  Feminization - as in shoehorning women onto pro sports teams isn't tenable.  There's still too much of that...(Read Full Post)