The Federal Power Grab and the Set Up

No one should be fooled by the Violence Against Women Act anymore than they should be fooled by anything that comes out of this administration. This debacle passed in the House of Representatives and now moves onto the Senate. Mark Levin nailed the issue perfectly, calling this disaster for what it is. First, it's a power grab on the part of the federal government. We have plenty of state laws that address violence against women. And if they are not sufficient, it is for the states to take up the mantle. The federal government has no business sticking its claws into this issue. Second, the legislation embraces trends of the day to make it oh-so-cool-and-inclusive. It isn't just about violence against women. It includes transgender individuals and women from other countries escaping gender-based violence, among many other special groups. This all begs the question: Aren't all civilized people against violence perpetrated against any innocent human being? Who is in favor of violence...(Read Full Post)