Rubio says immigration deal far from done

News from last night of a deal reached by labor unions and businesses on a guest worker program for immigration reform had many pundits - including myself - saying that the Senate was poised to pass the legislation in the next couple of weeks. Not so fast, says Senator Marco Rubio: Marco Rubio, the leading Republican on the Senate's Gang of Eight immigration reform team, has sent a strongly-worded letter to Patrick Leahy, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, warning against an expected Democratic effort to rush an immigration bill through the committee.  Specifically, Rubio suggests -- in wording that is actually more than a suggestion but less than an outright demand -- that Leahy hold multiple hearings on the Gang of Eight proposal, once it is actually written and introduced in the committee. "I am aware that the Judiciary Committee, both under your leadership and under the leadership of your predecessors, has conducted a number of hearings related to...(Read Full Post)