Piers Morgan Misfires

It appears King George III might have been the last Brit as disturbed by Americans with guns as is Piers Morgan. The CNN talk show host is teaming with most of his mainstream fourth-estate colleagues in a whirlwind campaign to parlay a madman's grizzly slaughter of school children in Newtown, Ct., into a full-throated assault on this country's Second Amendment. The only thing that seems to slow him down, however, is the folly of his own logic. In a recent dust-up with Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, Piers again asserted that the easy access to firearms in the United States has resulted in a higher gun crime rate than in countries such as England and Japan, where gun control laws are much stricter. For his part, Pratt said evil exists in the heart of man, not in an inanimate object such as a gun, and that more government-imposed controls simply put law-abiding citizens as greater risk. "When you go to the areas of our country where guns are freely available,...(Read Full Post)