Pastry Meets Nip and Tuck

A seven-year-old boy in Baltimore was recently suspended from school because he was reshaping a breakfast pastry to look like a mountain. Apparently he's a creative kid. Nothing wrong with any of that except for one hair-trigger teacher who thought the reshaped pastry (hang in there with me, I did not make this up and you read that right) looked like the shape of a gun. And if that weren't horrible enough, she claims the child said the words (prepare yourselves) "Bang. Bang."  At that point, it was all over for this little seven-year-old. Suspended! Perhaps even more shocking (hang in there with me, I am being sarcastic), it was a minor miracle there was pastry to be found in the school given Michelle Obama's endless harping on how what and what not to feed our children. But seriously, freedom is being nipped and tucked on a daily basis. The onslaught is so relentless that's it's impossible to keep up with the cascade of assaults levels against Americans, grown-ups and little...(Read Full Post)